The joy of being sad. A sorrowful realisation of everything being right, though not in the sense of man. As it should be, is as it is. A heart seats itself in the deep recess of understanding. Acceptance is not surrender. Sacrifice lays the table for the feast. Do not mourn the pensive few. It is wisdom in an age fleeting whims. It is a patience and longsuffering that penetrates the ire of the hasty.

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Gluttony Subjectively

A short blurb I wrote for voice over a while back. Reads just as well I suppose ;). Jump in!

Even as citizens of a country considered to be in the third world, many South African’s have become accustomed to a middle, to upper class lifestyle. But what does food represent in this modern society? Has this lifestyle guided us into considering taste as the deciding factor, and has the way we choose our food left hunger in a side note.

Gluttony is universally understood as a simple overindulgence of food and drink. But an important subtext that people tend to overlook is that; eating because of desire or want, is very much part of gluttony, something that many of us unknowingly do every day.

For middle to upper class citizens, the abundance of available food, and endless range has never been this varied, and with convenience stores all over the suburbs, it has never been this easy to come by.

This is what modern society has done: for those who can afford it, the question needs to be asked if food is chosen or prepared after hunger and need, or if taste, novelty or fashion is the guiding factor?

Real hunger or thirst is seldom experienced, and it has taken second place in the way we choose our food. We might feel peckish from time to time, but by the time we are able to choose our meal, we would base our choice on: what it tastes like, where it comes from and what it looks like. We scorn the warnings of the dangers of over-eating, of dangerous additives to make food taste better. After all, it’s worth it in the end, right?

Junk food is consumed in vast quantities. It is fast, it is available, and it tastes great. We end up gorging ourselves with empty calories.

The drinks we consume as part of our social behaviour are not chosen for their nutritional value, but are chosen due to taste or peer preference. The dangers of overconsumption, be the drinks alcoholic or not, are routinely ignored, just as long as we can keep having a good time and stuffing our faces.

This approach to eating and drinking means that people don’t realise how much they eat, or how much of it is unhealthy. They often don’t realise how much of what they eat is completely over and above the requirements of their bodies to keep functioning.

But after all the unhealthy habits, and misunderstanding of food we see or experience each day, there is no standard we can put on the line between needs and gluttony. And so we shouldn’t all start eating dry grass in an attempt to abstain from gluttony. Perhaps just a thoughtful pause while loading our trolley’s in the confectionery isle is enough to save our souls.

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Sit die mens langs die stroom, die aroma van die boombas, die lag van jong kinders, sag, sit die mens en nabetrag, keuses wat wag voor oë wat jag, wat die onseker skag van die lewe wil verpas.

Sal die helder water die mens se voete was, skoon van ‘n dwaal deur donker as, sal die kinders se baljaar die mens nie steur maar die mens aanspoor om weer te probeer.

Vang die mens ‘n vlinder in die hand en staar die insek, dink verlies dink smart, maar laat gaan die ding, staan op en loop, sien, die vlinder was in groter nood.

Die stroom vloei voort, voetstoot en bloot, maar die mens is al ver, verlang nie na die stroom se moederskoot.

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