I was always under the impression that when it comes to sneakers (the white tipped ones) quality was linked to very exuberant prices. This idea may have formed due to the total uselessness of ‘PEP’ tekkies compared to the expensive levis and Converse variants.

Well as I recently found out I shouldn’t have left the debate between only these few, there are many brands out there who are working for a spot in the market for this popular style. To give you an example, just the other day I bought myself a pair of FILA sneakers for R200, the classic version was a size too small so I shot for the last pair of the rounded tip ones (in the pic). Turns out it was one of my best shoe purchases to this date. The real leather OWNES my previous (‘marked down to’ R800) Levis’s poor excuse for a alternative, and is so much more durable.

Anyway I guess the point is that when it comes to shoes (and many other things in life) don’t just go with the flow if your frustrated by it. Take a side route and duck into a corner store to find something that suits your personality better.



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