The Mall Walk

I was strolling aimlessly in the mall today when I realized something significant, I wasn’t alone. Now some of you might think ‘Well of coarse! your in a public shopping place?!’ well thats part of the sadness of the story. see I’m not referring to walking with no one around me, rather that most of the other people there were also strolling aimlessly around, looking but not knowing what for, seeking the purpose of their life.

It was then when I realized we as humanity need something to keep us ‘busy’. Work and mild hobbies can only take us so far, and studies eventually end. speaking of which, I was also in the mall’s barber shop when the barber lady quaintly asked if I’m studying, on which I luckily could reply I had a weeks break on that, she then commented on how glad she was I wash’t just lying around for bad money. This was a rather distressing thought for me at the time, was aimless strolling such a reality in this mall of life that even the barber lady worries about the course life is taking.

Whatever it may be, I know if you and I don’t find something to keep us properly motivated and occupied, we’ll end up as those daily mall dwellers, aimlessly strolling down the isles of life.


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One thought on “The Mall Walk

  1. You my friend are a genius

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