A Soldiers Dreams

So there I was digging through my dad’s old stuff when I came upon a sight every little boy dreams of: a nearly complete infantry kit.

Now whats significant about that, you ask. And rightfully so, I mean every second house in the suburb has an old box in the garage or roof filled with random army paraphernalia and memories, yet little do we sit down and think what our parents, cousins and brothers went through out there, and how many unborn friends we mis due to the deaths of their would be fathers, out in a war that was later proven pointless.

Ever been at a ‘braai’ on a Saturday were the men talk rugby and the woman household, children run around playing as heroes in their dream job one day, with a whisper  one of the men makes a comment on the *%$# war when an ignorant child says he wishes he could be a soldier. Why can’t these generations ‘get over’ what happened and move on, I mean racism is all but obliterated and it’s as if deep hate still flows in many men.

All Im saying is that these bad memories have to stop somewhere, and I fear if they don’t stop soon enough we run the risk of making new mistakes and memories which will trouble the next generation just as the war and end of apartheid still bothers us, 20 years later.


bush army kit

Army Kit

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