Surviving, survivor…

Ok so whats up with this? To tell you the truth I asked myself that quite a few times during my * days stay on the camp. Survivor is a camp hosted by Metamorpho (my gap year program) done once a year near or in the month of *, which requires you to use most of the ‘skills’ you’ve learned through the year in class. Problem is, its not always easy to apply those ‘skills’ in cold, tired and hungry conditions.

The first challenge is to understand that survivor isn’t in it’s essence about surviving at all, it’s more about appreciating the things and more importantly the people around you, not to mention the camp normally involves lots of prayer from the participants. The point is, once you start to understand what it’s all about, things get a bit more bearable in the sense of taking the focus off yourself and placing it on a tribe mate, that is what keeps you going in the end.

If there is one thing I’ve learned on this camp, it is that a synergistic group has much more physical, spiritual and mental power than that of an individual. No wonder it’s the ‘power rangers‘ and not the ‘rangers’


(* classified)tribes


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2 thoughts on “Surviving, survivor…

  1. Michelle says:

    Does the Survivor camp of Metamorpho starts on the same date every year and if not, do you know when Survivor starts this year(2014)?

    Please let me know.

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