The psychology of vacating

Ever wondered why sometimes you don’t want the holidays to come and other times you cant wait. The same happens during holidays, where you just want to get out and DO something, or were you are totally content to keep on vacating for another month or so.

Well the reason this is on my topic list is because thats just what happened to me the other day, and not just one of them. All four!

It’s easier to understand what happenes when you look at the people and circumstances around you. If you are in a friendly, hardworking and productive area of your work it’s easy to feel content maybe even after years at an end of working like this. Yet compared to a stressed, boring and self focused job people tend to quickly tire and wish for a break. The sad part is that even breaks don’t normally help these folks. They need to get something else that has the happy and satisfying aspects of work, such as a hobby.

Now on the holiday side it’s much the same. If you have friendly people and plenty to do its easy to get through a lengthly holiday (though perhaps not as applicable to introverts). Thats why I normally have trouble with boredom when I’m alone at home for a week or so. But just put me and a friend on a farm, and time will fly by in an instant.

So with all that said, I think I understand my own oppinion better. . .

Uhm, jo? Is this a journal or a blog?


ps: yae, I’m an extrovert

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