The secret of the herbal balm

A strange thing happens when you start using some kind of lip balm, more specifically the herbal alternatives flooding the South African market. The most popular is of coarse the infamous Zam-buk brand with ‘the hospital in your pocket’ & ‘The Real Makoya’ advertising. These lip balms are excellent when repairing broken and dry lips, but a problem arrises with continuous use.

My example is the perfect case of were this happened. I never had a problem with my lips, even on dry days I didn’t have to use anything (so long I didn’t lick my lips) so I was pretty sorted in that matter.  A while back all my friends started using Zam-buk for some reason (probably the winter dryness?). Anyway, I also got me a pot and applied almost every ten minutes, Oh My! what a mistake.

Because of my body realizing it doesn’t need to produce natural oils for my lips anymore, they dried out twice as fast without the Zam-buk.

A long story short, I wanted to die of pain in my lips the first few days on ‘Survivor’ (refer prev. post) and it was less than pleasant.

So next time you use some lip ice or Zam-buk, think about the next time you’re going away without it, so you can use the time to rehabilitate your lips.

hmm, all this lip talk is making me want some Zam-buk…



Herbal Balm

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