Is being nothing, being something?

The moment you read the above statement you begin to think there might be an alternative to the way most people see life, but on closer inspection you see that the statement does carry some gravity. ‘Being’ in it’s essence, is to exist, yet many times we pair the words ‘being’ or ‘are’ with it’s complete opposite; ‘nothing’. Isn’t it possible to say then that nothing isn’t ‘nothing’ in its basic meaning but rather the existence of non existence? Ok woh, slow down. This technical rabble is weighing even me down. I think the point is, ‘nothing’ has the potential to become ‘something’ because it is only the absence of ‘something’, ‘nothing’ doesn’t have its own entity.

So I’ve been thinking about how this applies to peoples lives in practical terms and as you’ll see it fits right in. If you understand the key in transforming nothing to something as potential, then you’ll realize the reason for the world going backward in so many parts is not because of there being nothing, but rather because of the lack in understanding an individuals potential and taking the opportunities related to that potential. If you look at the image below you may see a elephant with four feet or you may see an elephant with six legs. Its because of this perceptive difference that people choose to see something or nothing in themselves or others. It wouldn’t be hard for people to condition themselves in seeing only the feet, but we choose to stay in the comfort of our current lives. Staying average and ‘the same’ has always been man’s downfall, that is why the middle ages lasted so long.

Am I saying its good or acceptable to be nothing? Not at all. Im saying nothing exists, and that you can turn from it or toward it. Which brings me to my next point: Can you turn from something to nothing? In my humble opinion you can. If you look at the example of a entrepreneurial businessman, building his empire in his chosen market, always improving and innovating due to his competitors. He then buys out all competition and has monopoly over the industry. What now? No more improvements, innovation or advances in technology. Even if this man is the wealthiest man on earth he has now become nothing because his contributions have ended. Luckily not all successful people turn out like this. We see many rich people making large donations to charities or even starting there own foundations, yet the principle remains as an afterthought.

So in the end I think you need not be rich, middle-class or poor to be something, all you need is the right heart and knowledge of who you are to start making a difference. Being something to someone with nothing.



Elephant with legs, or without?

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