People need/want/desire/require Tablets

Ok so its been what like, two almost three years since touchscreen tablets started playing a role? How long it is doesn’t matter, what does matter is why to this day people envy others with these gadgets and the people with them want the better ones which ironically appear every month or so.

Now many will argue about what a true tablet pc is, some say only apple may claim the original for initial innovation yet others argue its thanks to brands using android the market is still expanding and isn’t slowly saturating due to lack of competition. Whatever the case, I know for a fact we will still be wanting them in the not so near future.

When I bought my first tablet, the ominous Galaxy Tab (forget the ominous part) I was ecstatic with excitement. The tablet was only out for a few weeks, was the only REAL iPad competition and it ran on Android, something I’ve wanted to experience for a long time. It was a breeze to use, could multitask easily and ran awesome games, with the built in 3G even helping me with email and internet on the go. Yet as the weeks past and I began hearing about the new Galaxy Tabs, and the insane features of th iPad 2, a small seed of discontent was planted and where all my tablet less friends envied me for my Galaxy, I secretly envied the new tablets and wondered why I couldn’t have waited longer.

The thing I realize now is that even if I did wait longer, the same story would repeat itself, and until apocalypse I would be discontented. If I didn’t use and appreciate what I had now I would always look ahead and never see whats right in front of me.

And when my Galaxy breaks (one day) I can buy myself a iPad 2… err ok you get the point.



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