Doritos and Jellytots

It has recently become a bad habit of mine to ‘want’ to buy sweets and stuff whenever I walk into a general store. The sad part is I normally give into the temptation with the excuse of; ‘Well, I do have this ‘random’ R10 in my wallet… I’m not going to use for anything else, so I might just buy me some jellytots.’ Oh what a shameful thing to confess this is… Or is it shameful? I surely don’t think so when I’m in the pay row, and surely the okes behind me don’t think so either. Perhaps the only one to think so there and then is Mr. Bum staring through the window from outside, wondering why I don’t buy food with my money, even if it be for myself.

Many of us ‘middle-class’ people tend to think its normal, or we ‘deserve’ to get a treat every now and again. But the reality is, we don’t need it, Its bad for us and there is many other things money could much rather be spent on. oh how many times have i seen people complaining of debt buying take-aways and soda when they are ‘rushed’, being rushed is just their excuse but it still doesn’t say they could’t have made some sandwiches earlier and munch on them in their ‘rushness’.

Ok enough with the trolling from my side and out with my last fact. I heard from a video that it would take 20 billion US dollars to supply basic water, food and healthcare to the whole world. It turns out thats what the American population spends on Ice-Cream in 1 year. So in my final and most humble opinion, we can fix a lot of things by fasting ice-cream for a year, and using that money to buy Mr. Bum a bread. end.


ps: I feel like I’m sprinting when I read this… and you?


Pile of Death

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3 thoughts on “Doritos and Jellytots

  1. teachermrw says:

    That pile of candy is mad-scary. Just thought I’d put that out there first. 🙂

    In any event, if I am reading your post correctly, it seems to me that what is being talked about is consumerism on steroids. Such is definitely the case in the US, as you point out. If Americans have a fanaticism with ice cream that would feed, hydrate and provide medical services for the entire world, that’s an examination of power and privilege that is long-overdue, and an examination of self with respect to one’s morals and values as they pertain to social justice.

    • pafuriza says:

      I think you get the message. The problem comes with the inability of the individual to understand their own potential and influence. Many people, even with heart and morals in place will not be motivated enough to give up comfort, to the benefit of the community. Unfortunately the human race is social in nature, so I fear (if I may refer back to the ice-cream example) that if someone doesn’t begin a ‘anti ice-cream’, ‘pro think-about-someone-else-for-a-sec’ campaign we might never get there. People have always been stronger and more effective when united under the same ideals or ideas, its sad but true.

  2. monkey man says:


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