White flag

Many times we give up to fast, we feel we’re done for. ‘Where is the white flag?’ we scream, yet we are only beginning to experience a taste of hardship or trials. Because everyone and every circumstance is unique, I can’t really limit resistance in life to physical or mental hardship but I can compare them.

When looking at the physical hardship of hunger and bodily pain and the effects of mental stress or insults a businessmen face every day it seems like they are quite different. In my opinion they are not but judgment of this I’ll leave to the reader.

In boot camp we all hear the saying that if you start tasting blood in your saliva a person can still go 70%. Very well we say, what’s the big deal. It seems reasonable to a person judging from the outside, but if I were to place that judge in the shoes of the ‘subject’ spoken of he’ll realize that to taste blood you’ve already gone far, it is possible to feel like dying on 30%. The same may be applied to mental stress, believe me you need to go through allot (in normal circumstance) before considering suicide.

The ideal is not to underestimate a situation from the outside. It is hard, so you need to be mentally prepared for when you end up in the middle of an undesirable situation like that. Just hide your white flag, it will appear if you really can’t go anymore, for the time being, take it one step at a time. If you focus on whats at hand, you’ll soon forget about all your worries.



White Flag

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One thought on “White flag

  1. frizztext says:

    great history shot!

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