Can blogging be art?

When considering blogging as an art form I think there are some things we need to take into account. Firstly, blogs and their owners vary drastically in almost every way. from place, interests and motivations one blogger will never have the same background as another. Secondly, Entries differ. from philosophical reasoning to product reviews, any one blogger may have inspiration from any of a million sources effectively causing the topic’s to vary drastically. And thirdly, many bloggers pride themselves in a certain niche. Just browse around on wordpress and you’ll realize there are many themes. Many bloggers will choose one theme they feel confident at and would primarily blog about that for the rest of their blogging life.

When considering these things you start to see it’s not easy to classify blogging as art or anything else. In fact, blogging can vary to such a degree that it possibly can’t be classified at all. Examples include; Journals, reviews, inspiring thoughts, philosophical reason, fiction, opinions, feelings, autobiographies and fun pointless snippets. With all of these how can we classify blogging, or any writing for that matter under one constant term?

So while there certainly are some themes or niches in blogging that may be classified under art, many can not. I think it depends on the reader not the writer to decide the theme of the piece, and only then will someone be able to appreciate your work as art.




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3 thoughts on “Can blogging be art?

  1. Toby Simmons says:

    Fascinating. A joy to read. Great blog all-round, by the way.
    Let me know what you think of mine . . .
    Keep on posting!

  2. Robin says:

    Yes indeed. But then, the other question sshould also be, “what is art”? I do think some blogs contain art – in the images, the writing, mix of thoughts on a daily basis that create … art.

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