Writing with music

We’ve all heard about writing or studying with baroque and the improvement it may have on your IQ for that short while. Some of us have even heard of the new craze which uses narration instead of music to improve retention, but does other genre’s have any use in study and writing?

In the past few years (pre to post high school) I’ve experimented with anything from ambience to baroque, I’ve even tried some instrumental metal and rave. The results differ, but in a way i didn’t expect it to. Instead of only one genre giving me improved focus or mental capabilities, every genre gave me improvements. The difference lies in the style and speed of writing and my mood at the time of studying. To illustrate this better here are a few examples: when playing rave I would speed read through study material, quickly get a general knowledge and would be able to ace a test or exam the next day. But when playing baroque I would read and focus much more, spend more time, yet the following day my understanding would be vague. Give me a week though and I would understand and retain the content longer.

The other genre’s also have their varying effects. Instrumental metal would let my mind race with writing possibilities but the content would be cryptic and punctual, where ambience otherwise would change my mood into a calmer state whereby I would write long and well explained but often repeating pieces.

I think a conclusion would be that music generally improves writing and studying effects, but sometimes acting more like a catalyst depending on genre. The best thing to do would be to analyze the purpose for the work you intend to do, be it writing or studying. if you understand  that it would be easier to choose the type of music which would best benefit you.


Music learning

Music and literature

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