Committing to something is one of the most basic human practices in modern culture. When we commit to something, a cause, entity or person we vow to carry out our commitments no matter what, yet in the same modern culture we commit so many times, we sometimes neglect or ignore our vows as if they were never there.

Three months ago the band at my church needed people to help with sound and lights (technical team) and I, someone who did sound for four years at our youth during high school thought it would make sense to help out. Without much ado I filled in the registration form, signed my name and started with all the passion I remember from youth. The problem with this approach was simple, on paper and according to other people I was committed, but in my heart I was far from it. Not surprisingly three weeks later I was unmotivated and did not show up for practice on Thursdays anymore. Commitment is a choice, I shouldn’t have committed to things that ‘makes sense’, a mistake on my side.

How many times does this happen in everyday life? and not only in small things like church band, but in things like marriage, family debts and contracts. How many relationships have been cut off not due to lack of commitment but rather the keeping thereof?

We tend to believe that when trying to reinstate a commitment the other party will judge you or turn you away because of the disappointment you left them on your last meeting, but in most cases this is not true. When you apologize for the mistake you made people’s hearts tend to soften, and if you recommit and keep to your vow, previous grudges may be forgiven altogether. I know its a hard step, and failure seems inevitable, but give it a try. You certainly have nothing to lose but pride, and relationships are important as we humans are social and emotionally bonded beings.

I gave it a try this morning and I just came back from my first technical practice in months. Surprisingly enough the last thing I expected happened: they all welcomed me with warm smiles for my second, first time, and it was like I never left.




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