Work and the garden

We all do some form of work everyday. It may be to fetch the kids, typing in the office or simply mowing the lawn. Whatever our work is, it keeps us occupied and out of trouble. Statistics prove people without jobs or studies are the most susceptible drug and alcohol misuse and the most likely to fall into crime.

Today I worked in the garden. Even though it was hard labour (my back is killing me) I feel a sense of pride in what I’ve accomplished, replanting and moving almost 80 seedlings. Now this may seem like a stupid example but it was ‘work’ in its most basic form: keeping me occupied, delivering results and benefitting me financially (I did indeed get paid).

I think my message for tonight is not to underestimate the power of work. Man was made to ‘want’ to work, that’s why we can never be passive, that’s why long holidays frustrate us and that’s why todays garden and many others look nice.


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