This is my city, the city I was raised in, schooled in and baptised in. I will always have a place for the Jacaranda streets and the hot summers and I will remember the Union buildings and Voortrekker monument to my old age.

The things that make our home town or city memorable isn’t the bad things that happened there in the contrary the most vivid memories are mostly positive. If someone looks back to their childhood memories and experiences a sense of regret or resentment the feeling may still be strong yet the reason is lost in sadness.

Many people always have a longing for their home town or city, not because its a great place in itself but rather due to fond memories piled up and connected to their place of upbringing.

So next time you feel depressed at home, remember the bad will pass. Make yourself a coffee and I can most definately say you will remember that next time you sit on a plane.



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