Pursuing Philosophy

People think, allot. One of the things that differ the most and yet at the same time be capable to align exactly is opinions and thoughts by people. I think its safe to say very few people like being manipulated, yet we all are. We all like to form our own opinion yet we are brainwashed by society to agree with or unite against certain elements in life.

For me the pursuit of finding my opinion recently became regular blogging. This might seem obvious as most people reading this post are bloggers themselves, but take a while to consider the difficulty in this. Even when expressing personal thoughts on any medium its hard not to let opinions be biased by pre conditioning and cultural norms. To find a true personal opinion there needs to be a mindset where we focus only what IS true and not what we were taught is true.

For me pursuing philosophy comes in the form of climbing outside of my personality and seeing the world from a character in many ways different from me. This may be strange to hear but don’t we do it all the time? when driving past Mr. Bum on the sidewalk it’s not so hard to imagine a life story, world view or possible opinions by quick observation. This is not judging a person or summing them from the outside, in the contrary this action helps you understand others and their opinions, helping us form a philosophy about life in general.

We don’t always understand “freedom of thought”. We may think we have it and in the end we may not. If we can break free from the bondage we or others placed on our thoughts and opinions we will be one step closer to finding our life philosophy, and that is true freedom of thought.


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One thought on “Pursuing Philosophy

  1. Ray says:

    Good post Rean, I see wisdom here.

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