The wandering kind

I think most of us know someone or of someone who has never been able to settle down, mostly we’re glad they’re not us. Alternatively, if you are someone who can’t seem to find roots you might think this post interesting. Being someone who never seems to stop moving or planning seems like a stressful and unnecessary life, at least to those on the outside. But is it true that people who can’t settle down are unhappy people?

Ok so I guess there are exceptions in every topic worth discussing, yet there will always be a public view about anyone in another part of society they be richer, poorer, blacker, whiter or culturally different. I think in most cases a person who can’t settle down is someone with an energetic and ‘plan making’ personality. This keeps them going, helps them find a next ‘project’ and keeps them interested just long enough to see some form of success or failure in their work. Because of these attributes they are able to be content with most anything they are now busy focussing on, even if its worse than previous experiences.

Now when bringing this to light there arrises another question: is it completely bad to be someone of the wandering kind? I think most probably not. With so many people (of the passive and ‘settled’ kind) bored and frustrated to death in their work I think variation might be able to save their happiness. I’m not saying get another wife and quit your job, I’m saying you could try to work something else into your daily drilled routine to spice up your life.

What about going jogging with the kids instead of slumping in front of the TV after work. Or building a model plane instead of trying to reply on emails but getting nowhere. Whatever it may be that works for you as an individual try to bring one aspect of the wandering kind into your life, do what YOU like for change.


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