Kicking the bucket list

Ok, so we all have a few things we want to enjoy some time in the near future, at least before we die. It can be something crazy like standing on Everest or an adrenaline pumping experience like playing Paintball. It may even be something closer to your heart like finding joy in the simple things. Whatever it is you still want to do it always seems bit far off. In fact most people who do their bucket lists never even get half way. Life is simply too ‘busy’ to spend on time or money on such ‘trivial’ things, or is it?

When we consider the mindset connected to a ‘bucket list’ its to look ahead in life on what you want to do. But isn’t that why we never get there, we all will look ahead till the day we die. I don’t know about you but I’m not one of the few souls on Earth who knows their death day.

So the point I’m making in this short post is, why wait? can’t we leave the bucket list and do things as they pop up? Setting a goal and never achieving it is disappointing. living every day as your last, well THAT’S an adrenaline rush…


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One thought on “Kicking the bucket list

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