An Avian Parable

Birds are predictable creatures. They are ‘animals’ per say, that said they live on instinct and not proactive or reactive choice. Birds live as they are expected to, not more nor less. If you’re a pigeon you eat seed, repopulate and poop on balcony’s and ‘coo’ at the pigeon’s you like, who generally respond in an instinctive ‘coo’. If you’re a crow you usually make a noise if there’s something you don’t like but you’re to cowardly to do anything until the opposition is weak and helpless. You steal the pigeon’s eggs and the newly wed’s ring from the window pane. and you are generally a nuisance to society, if you look past the ‘bottom feeder’ advantages of such a bird. And finally my friend the eagle, you have the greatest potential shut up inside. Inherent leadership and power of the avian skies, yet you’re caught in youre own world oblivious of the fact that you’re capable of greater things. Hunting, migrating, breeding offspring with more potential but limiting them with teachings turning them into you. These are all birds we see in the skies of our lives everyday, to name but a few. Birds who live by instinct and not free will, righteous free will.

In my opinion its better to be a human than a bird. Why then do so many of us live like they do in our everyday lives without even realising we’re living by ‘instinct’? Are you a pigeon, a ostridge, a chicken or perhaps even a crow, and will you stay like that? My encouragement is simple: You’re a human right? Be unpredictable.


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