Is truth what we think it is? That question may seem really hard to answer, maybe even something we would imagine the Greek philosophers of old struggling with for years. Yet the answer is simple as pie: Yes it is.

Where this may not be the case is the following: is THE truth what we think it is. Upon which I would answer; not necessarily. The point I’m trying to make is that we all function from a certain base of beliefs, not necessarily religious but common as well like ‘I believe apple juice tastes nice’, and thats my truth, and thats how I will direct my life.

Now as we all function in our own truth, and as we direct our choices, and life accordingly, we may fail to mis the ultimate truth. It’s not wrong to mis it, as every person has the freedom of choice, yet living in THE truth is the way to reach destiny and have proper vision in life. Like a prince believing he’s a pauper will never become king until he changes his truth to THE truth. Its hard to explain, but I think you get the picture.

So my challenge is: Go reflect on your truths and see how they match up the THE truth. Whats THE truth? That you must find for yourself…


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