For the fans

Im sitting on the bleachers watching a game of cricket between Sri Lanka and our national team, when a thought crossed my mind. Would they be playing if the bleachers where empty, bleachers that were full of people supporting them and giving them a reason to continue, and their only motivation now comes from pat on the back by a team mate or close friend? Chances are they would still be playing, but it wont be sustainable. After a few years the sport would quite down and less and less would play the game professionally.

Isn’t this true in our own daily lives as well? When no one notices the things we do we tend to change the things we keep ourselves busy with because our external motivation isn’t effective enough.

I for one believe that proactivity is a good and important thing to implement in ones life. I once heard someone say that to be proactive is to make life happen, not to let life happen with you. This may seem as an odd thing to say on the subject of motivation, but proactivity is impossible without being internally motivated in all aspects of life. When you are proactive you don’t need external motivation to start and keep going. And proactivity comes with a added bonus: people will notice you after a while, and then come high or low you will stand on your own, success will come when you understand and live proactively.

My challenge is the following: be proactive and who knows, before long you may have a whole cricket stadium watching you from the bleachers.



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One thought on “For the fans

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