A new day

We’ve each seen hundreds or thousands of mornings in our lives. We’ve all had good mornings; better mornings and we’ve all experienced mornings we would rather forget. Or have we?

As most people generally start their day sometime in the morning, it’s safe to say that the way you start your morning directs parts of the day ahead. For example, getting a headache after breakfast because you’re allergic to your cereal would in a certain way hamper your productivity at work.

It’s shown by research that most people in first world countries have the same waking up/starting day routine for 90% of their working lives.  Every day waking at the same time, readying the same way and going about their work the same way. Making mistakes and learning from them, and making new mistakes the following day.

In this case the ‘new’ mornings we’ve experienced in our life seems less than first thought. But is it possible to have a unique morning every day? In my opinion it is possible, but not necessarily easy.

I once heard a wise man say: ‘Renew your mind every day, and you’ll be ready for what is to come’. The wisdom in this lies in the fact that our mornings tend to be the same, but our daily lives differ ever increasingly, there’s always a new challenge somewhere in the near future. So instead of depending on instinct and previous experience, resetting to clear thought at the start of each day may be much more beneficial than going on like usual and attempting to sort problems as we bump into them. It can be illustrated like an over cluttered pc desktop due to a bunch of notes and old shortcuts, compared to a cleared workspace with only relevant shortcuts etc.

It’s not easy renewing your mind every day, but this post might put you in the right direction of eventually becoming more efficient. And who knows, maybe somewhere down the road you can have more days’ worth remembering. A good start has to count for something right.




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