Brace yourselves, Summer is coming…

As I sit in my icy Centurion apartment and dream of better days, I am suddenly reminded: all is not lost.

I don’t know how many of you can remember your primary school days, but if you can I’m sure the season of summer features quite prominently in your nostalgic re-callings. Summer for me, was a time of fun-in-the-sun, candy laden (if mom could spare a R2 for break) happy times. One of the reasons I remember all that so well is simple, your mind more easily recalled the good than the bad (with certain unmentionable exceptions).

Now what the hell does this have to do with gaming you might ask? Everything. Because for the gaming community of the world; Summer is coming.

Kicking off with Games-com as the great intro to our candy filled season, there are some great titles lined up to tingle the brain-buds of both novice and pro gamers. New FPS/MP titles like Black Ops II and Counter Strike: Go, will take the lead on a horde of new releases including: Fifa 2013, MOH (advanced warfighter), Starcraft II* (HOTS), Borderlands 2, DOTA 2,  Prototype 2, Bioshock 3 (infinate), Assasins Creed 3, Crysis 3, Farcry 3 and Deadspace 3. All these games are greatly anticipated, albeit each by their own genre-related fan base, but they are only some of the most publicized and advertised titles (partly due to their supporting publishers).

Yet with all this awesomeness, what is a man to do? I for one (even though I am financially secure,) cant really fit my hearts gaming desires into a budget designed for a student. Thus, there is only one solution; The involving and ever captivation world of the MMORPG.

In addition to the bedazzling titles listed above there are some very exciting and interesting MMO’s listed for release in 2012. Secret world, Elder Scrolls Online and Mechwarior Online are a few notable titles, but my interest lies solemnly with a franchise I’ve admired for years, and their (now in beta) release Guild Wars 2.

Like many I have tried my hand in MMO’s with likes of WOW, EvE, LoL and our very own RoseZA, but after some month’s (with the exception of RoseZA, which I played for well over a year) of beating the game I became frustrated at what it had to offer and would leave to either take a MMO sabaticle or give a go at the next best. I’ve done some research on GW2 and have followed the progress closely for some time (Yae ok, more like oohed at the features, hummed at all the videos, and purred while crawling their website and wiki when I can), and have come to the conclusion that Guild Wars 2 might well be the answer to my budgeting predicament. Even though the game is quite costly (around R550+) it makes use of the BtP (buy to play) subscription system, which means there isn’t really a subscription system in addition to, I don’t know, update emails? This is good news for people like me who don’t like paying a few hundred bucks for 2 months of playing ‘you know WhO(W)’. In addition to this they have loads of cool improvements to the common MMO (admittedly learned from the mistakes of others), and promises to be a satisfying play.

So if you count your coins in consideration of your next entertaining purchase, just remember, IT’S STILL WINTER! Wait for summer, seriously… 😉

Now for some coffee to free my frozen limbs.

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2 thoughts on “Brace yourselves, Summer is coming…

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