Your biggest fan

We like to win…

There is a special place in every gamer’s heart for the utterly satisfying, and supremely gratifying emotion, that winning results to. Be you casual, competitive or pro (major league) gamer, winning has the potential of pricking the chord’s of any fragging ruffians heart. But why? I mean, as a casual, and occasionally competitive gamer, there is little reason for my heart to swell every time I pwn some noob’s on a public server. And the feeling I should have with the occasional clan or DGL match, should be more at the side of pride (and relief) than the ‘lekker’ feeling you get when the Bokke scores against the Roses. But wait, maybe I’m mistaken. The reason I say our response should differ when either competing or supporting has some validity, but isn’t the players of a team supposed to be their own best supporters? Now it kind of makes sense why the rugby ‘okes’ smodge kiss each other when they score, whereas I would get a fist in my face If I dared smodge a ‘oomie’ on the pavilion at the same time (I would not do it anyhow). The Bokke should be just as happy as the rest of the country, and with better right. After all, they are the ones rolling in the mud.

Now. With that obscure parable behind me, I would like to explain how that may be applicable to DGL gaming.

Sometime’s the pressure of competitive gaming get’s so crazy that enjoying a game get’s bumped further down the list of priorities when playing. I know that tactics, teamwork and skill are very important in this sport, but one thing that is important in every sport is: ‘do you enjoy what you are doing?’. When enjoying what you do, the other attributes of good game-play come much more naturally and smoothly than forced style. This was proven over and over throughout history, and definitely makes a difference. In my own experience I have felt very unhappy at stages through gaming tournaments. Where all signs show I should have reason to be satisfied (eg. if we are placed well), I would still feel disappointed. All this would change however if I change my mindset to include a important aspect of gaming; to enjoy it.

When we accept that enjoyment plays a role, the last step is easy. Sometimes it’s hard to support your team mentally, even if you are doing well. There might be this one guy in your squad that just irritates the hell out of you, and so affect’s your overall gaming performance (inner raging does tend to do that). Sometimes the best way to recuperate is to accept that the idiot is in your team and to continue. You can’t ever be the best, if you don’t believe it yourself.

Thus my point is made. To win, and when you win, you need to be your biggest fan. And THEN, you can kick that idiot from the team. 😉

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