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Welcome to “A World Of Film”

I love this! What a great way to get back to the roots of world cinema, whilst also looking forward into what this great medium can achieve. Kudos.

Welcome to “A World Of Film”.



When Life Throws Us A Curveball, It’s Sometimes Much More Tumulous From Our Own Perspective, Than From An Exterior One. We May Feel Flung Around, And Hurt By Something An Outsider Wouldnt Understand.

This Is What I Set Out To Explore In This Experimental Piece. A Simple Worded Message Can Cut Much Deeper, Even If It Seems Blunt. I Call It A Papercut, A Blunt Papercut.

Camera: 5D MkII
Lens: 50mm USM
Filter: Tiffen Polariser

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An Experimental Architectural Study

I take a look at the original Eldoraigne (now a Pretoria South Suburb) farm house.

Enjoy the fusion between experimental vibes, and ‘Top Billing’ glam! ;D

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