To beard… Or not to beard…

A good friend of mine had a mighty beard…


To Beard or not to beard – That is the Question

Lol! It is done… I have shaved off my beard after having it for almost a year! I feel different now… Not naked, but, new. I felt that way when my beard was large enough to compete with many a beard out there in the Wild! This is not really philosophical, but, an interesting experience nonetheless.

The day I decided to grow my beard never actually existed. Every time I picked up the shaver, I looked in the mirror and, well, I just didn’t feel like it. Days went by then, months and before I knew it I had a lush, healthy, soft, furry bush of facial fluff which I welcomed daily! Watching it grow bit by bit really excited me and I could not wait until it was big enough to style it. There are a few phases…

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