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Clothing for Children

55 000 clothing bags

Part of 55 000


These past few days I’ve been part of an initiative started by two teenagers who saw a need in their community and decided to do something about it. Since then many organizations like schools, churches and even the Blue Bull rugby team have joined in to make a difference. The latest stats is that around 55 000 bags of clothing and other donations averaging at 10 kg p/b have been collected from schools in and around Pretoria making this the largest non-profit clothing project in the history of South Africa.

I’m working as a sorter. We get a huge pile of random bags, then we split them into categories like clothing, bedding, toiletries and shoes. From there we sort items into gender, age or type. Load them into new bags and send them to their various destinations.

Hard work but definitely fun as well, as I’m sure you’ll see in the following photograph.

You can’t help thinking about the disadvantaged kid who’s going to receive the shirt or pants or blanket your folding then, and their humble realization that someone out there still cares.



Friends wearing reject clothing 🙂

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