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A few days back I passed my fifth drivers license test, success at last. A few months ago I passed my entrance to university. A few years ago I passed matric. Many years ago I started my legacy, relationships, friendships, story, life. Where does all this lead? To more success, disappointment or the seemingly endless trudging we see as life?

When I started preparing for my drivers license 3 years ago, I would never have thought the road to success would end here. In fact in my naivety I thought I would slam into success on my first attempt, which of course  was not the case. Succeeding after my first fail seemed ever more urgent, I would now have less time to obtain in something that I needed  already. But alas life is never bothered with one humans urgency or need as opposed to humanities. Thus my battle stayed a privately fought one, or so I would think.

We all have something we currently striving towards, as do we all have a hurdle behind us we either fell over or successfully passed. Even though we strive and eventually pass these obstacles there always is another one waiting for us, there is always another part of life waiting to be discovered, evaluated and acted upon.

But we may think that our life is only affected by our choices and actions, but if it wasn’t for others positive and negative choices and actions, my road to success (on the road), would have looked very different than the picture I now look back upon as I hold my drivers in my wallet. I am thankful for every prayer and supportive word I received in the course of my battle as do I appreciate the directing advice I received after every failed attempt. Because I cant imagine my hurdle ending in any other way.

So as life is, may you experience success and disappointment, but may your losses be the foothold for greater success. Because if you understand experiences in their every aspect, life wont be an seemingly endless trudging, it would be the most satisfying  journey of your  life, literally.



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured



I snapped this on a photography course in Pretoria. Enjoy 🙂


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