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Gluttony Subjectively

A short blurb I wrote for voice over a while back. Reads just as well I suppose ;). Jump in!

Even as citizens of a country considered to be in the third world, many South African’s have become accustomed to a middle, to upper class lifestyle. But what does food represent in this modern society? Has this lifestyle guided us into considering taste as the deciding factor, and has the way we choose our food left hunger in a side note.

Gluttony is universally understood as a simple overindulgence of food and drink. But an important subtext that people tend to overlook is that; eating because of desire or want, is very much part of gluttony, something that many of us unknowingly do every day.

For middle to upper class citizens, the abundance of available food, and endless range has never been this varied, and with convenience stores all over the suburbs, it has never been this easy to come by.

This is what modern society has done: for those who can afford it, the question needs to be asked if food is chosen or prepared after hunger and need, or if taste, novelty or fashion is the guiding factor?

Real hunger or thirst is seldom experienced, and it has taken second place in the way we choose our food. We might feel peckish from time to time, but by the time we are able to choose our meal, we would base our choice on: what it tastes like, where it comes from and what it looks like. We scorn the warnings of the dangers of over-eating, of dangerous additives to make food taste better. After all, it’s worth it in the end, right?

Junk food is consumed in vast quantities. It is fast, it is available, and it tastes great. We end up gorging ourselves with empty calories.

The drinks we consume as part of our social behaviour are not chosen for their nutritional value, but are chosen due to taste or peer preference. The dangers of overconsumption, be the drinks alcoholic or not, are routinely ignored, just as long as we can keep having a good time and stuffing our faces.

This approach to eating and drinking means that people don’t realise how much they eat, or how much of it is unhealthy. They often don’t realise how much of what they eat is completely over and above the requirements of their bodies to keep functioning.

But after all the unhealthy habits, and misunderstanding of food we see or experience each day, there is no standard we can put on the line between needs and gluttony. And so we shouldn’t all start eating dry grass in an attempt to abstain from gluttony. Perhaps just a thoughtful pause while loading our trolley’s in the confectionery isle is enough to save our souls.

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Just a game

Is a game, just a game?

Throughout history many forms of ‘games’ has made their appearance, served their time, and then disappeared without a trace. A few games have remained in memory, and new games are thought out, and developed every day, and the amount of games will increase till the eventual day when society becomes the totalitarian pseudo reality as portrayed in ‘Equilibrium’. But with all these games and all it’s part in history has one thing in common: It’s just a game.

Games are made for entertainment right? Even the ancient gladiator games was thought to be entertaining and impersonal, as impersonal as killing a ‘bot’ in Counter Strike. But are games really that detached?

To understand the answer, we must first understand the game. What is a game? The American heretige dictionary states that a game is:

1. an amusement or pastime; diversion
2. a contest with rules, the result being determined by skill, strength, or chance
3. a single period of play in such a contest, sport, etc.
This makes sense, but then why do we play games. We all enjoy various forms, but why do we do it?
A game is real life, shown in a different, simple and controllable way. Anything from ancient gladiators, to cat and mouse n kindergarten, Chess, Poker, Video games, Monopoly, Doctor doctor, why near most games can be categorized as being some controllable presentation of something each living person needs to deal with in their life. Is this why we play? Perhaps to practice, simulate or experience something we have never done by ourselves? Or maybe its a thing that helps us process all the mistakes and bad choices we had by creating the ideal and perfect version of what we wish we had. There must be a reason we find it entertaining. Entertainment is defined as: Something that amuses, pleases, diverts and provokes pleased interest and distracts you from worries and vexations. Maybe that’s why we want to be ‘entertained’ after a hard day at school or work, or why entertainment is the thing you crave most when all else tumbles to ruin. We want to be shown what we would’ve liked to do, not what we have to do.
If games are a representation of life, then maybe it explains why we are severely disappointed when losing a game. When we consider it logically, losing at Starcraft 2 or landing on a hotel in Monopoly is meaningless in life and all its facets, yet we are disappointed. Now that we know this, I can explain the point I want to make with this short post: If games are like life, then life must be like games to a certain degree. If we are disappointed at losing in games, then it justifies being disappointed when losing in life. When we say ‘It’s just a game’ when losing at games, doesn’t it contradict the very reason we play them, to actually, WIN? Are we allowed to be just as, or more distraught and angry in life, as when losing at games? If games are for entertainment, why is losing so terrible?
Terms like: ‘be a man’, ‘life is unfair’, and ‘move on’ makes me think of all the disappointment I had faced. Maybe everyone should stop being so hypocritical, maybe it’s all, ‘just a game’.
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Your biggest fan

We like to win…

There is a special place in every gamer’s heart for the utterly satisfying, and supremely gratifying emotion, that winning results to. Be you casual, competitive or pro (major league) gamer, winning has the potential of pricking the chord’s of any fragging ruffians heart. But why? I mean, as a casual, and occasionally competitive gamer, there is little reason for my heart to swell every time I pwn some noob’s on a public server. And the feeling I should have with the occasional clan or DGL match, should be more at the side of pride (and relief) than the ‘lekker’ feeling you get when the Bokke scores against the Roses. But wait, maybe I’m mistaken. The reason I say our response should differ when either competing or supporting has some validity, but isn’t the players of a team supposed to be their own best supporters? Now it kind of makes sense why the rugby ‘okes’ smodge kiss each other when they score, whereas I would get a fist in my face If I dared smodge a ‘oomie’ on the pavilion at the same time (I would not do it anyhow). The Bokke should be just as happy as the rest of the country, and with better right. After all, they are the ones rolling in the mud.

Now. With that obscure parable behind me, I would like to explain how that may be applicable to DGL gaming.

Sometime’s the pressure of competitive gaming get’s so crazy that enjoying a game get’s bumped further down the list of priorities when playing. I know that tactics, teamwork and skill are very important in this sport, but one thing that is important in every sport is: ‘do you enjoy what you are doing?’. When enjoying what you do, the other attributes of good game-play come much more naturally and smoothly than forced style. This was proven over and over throughout history, and definitely makes a difference. In my own experience I have felt very unhappy at stages through gaming tournaments. Where all signs show I should have reason to be satisfied (eg. if we are placed well), I would still feel disappointed. All this would change however if I change my mindset to include a important aspect of gaming; to enjoy it.

When we accept that enjoyment plays a role, the last step is easy. Sometimes it’s hard to support your team mentally, even if you are doing well. There might be this one guy in your squad that just irritates the hell out of you, and so affect’s your overall gaming performance (inner raging does tend to do that). Sometimes the best way to recuperate is to accept that the idiot is in your team and to continue. You can’t ever be the best, if you don’t believe it yourself.

Thus my point is made. To win, and when you win, you need to be your biggest fan. And THEN, you can kick that idiot from the team. 😉

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